So, what comes next?

If you haven’t heard, there’s a pandemic. It’s a whole thing.

But, seriously, what is school gonna look like in the fall? Or in the spring? It might be stressing you out, you might be devastated to not go back to school in the fall, you might be relieved to be learning from home. Whatever you’re feeling, you probably agree that this is a weird situation. But, the thing is

You can figure it out.

So far, you’ve survived every bad day, and even if it isn’t your dream school year, you can figure how to make it work for you.

Think about what you can control. For me, distance learning means I get to work out every morning, I don’t have to wear jeans, I get to be with my cat 24/7 and I get to control my own learning space. Think about that!

Meditate. Take a deep breath. I really like the headspace app.

Distract yourself. Not always the healthiest, but often the most enjoyable form of calming down. Whenever I put up a new podcast I spend the next few hours watching the office and avoiding my phone

To be perfectly honest, I had a slight panic attack about going back to school last night, but the truth is: you’ll figure it out. You always have.

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